Be Prepared

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I am a huge advocate of being prepared for emergencies and disasters. It may surprise you to know that I’ve only been at this prepping adventure for only about 8 years. And the first couple years, I wasn’t even that hardcore, I just kinda knew that I had to be prepared for things like the lights going out.

Once I met my husband, he wasn’t really all that hardcore into it, either, but he was interested in a concept; the zombie apocalypse.

This concept is used quite a bit to get people involved with getting prepared. We started a whole business revolving around showing people how to be prepared for disasters and emergencies, using the zombie apocalypse theme.

We got quite a lot of media attention for it and grew quite a following. We were even being considered for a couple TV shows.

After 4 years of solid growth, the team decided to disband. I really loved that business, but it seemed as if I was the only one who truly loved it.

So I moved onto to better things; Armed Rogue. This is where I could really shine and blossom with not only teaching others, but also advancing my own preparedness.

Being prepared for emergencies and disasters is nothing too special. Some people take it to the extreme, like Doomsday Preppers, but really, the majority of people just want to be prepared for basic things like:

  • Natural disasters such as; Tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, snow storms, etc.
  • Everyday emergencies like; getting a flat tire, getting stranded somewhere, lights going out, house fires, etc.

Being prepared can be as basic or as advanced as you want it to be. It’s all about WHY you want to get prepared. Is it to feel safe? Is it because you get a lot of natural disasters in your region? Is it because you travel a lot and need a good ‘go bag’? Many people don’t know their ‘why’ right off the bat and that’s okay!

There are a lot of people who will go through a disaster or emergency and afterwards, wipe their foreheads, exhale and be relieved that the trauma is finally over, and they can move on with their lives. The reason this is bad is because that disaster or emergency could very well happen again. It’s wise to learn from the past and get prepared, no matter how unlikely you think it could happen again.

Being prepared is nothing new.

Our parents and their parents have been prepping long before it was ever considered ‘prepping’, such as: canning, dehydrating, hunting, fishing, storing emergency batteries/candles, having a road kit for emergencies, etc.

My whole YouTube channel is dedicated to showing others how to be prepared, as well as trying new prepper/bushcraft/survival stuff for my own advancement. I will be posting blogs here, as well, about being prepared.

Anyone can get prepared, at any budget level.

You don’t have to be rich and you don’t have to be prepared all at once TODAY.¬†While tomorrow is not guaranteed and lots of things can happen out of the blue, it’s OKAY to get your preps together slowly and make sure you have exactly what you want and that you’re happy with your preps.

I’m proud to announce I’m now an Ambassador for Mountain House. You may already be familiar with Mountain House, they’re the brand behind the ultimate in delicious freeze-dried meals that are lightweight, easy to prepare, and a key ingredient to any survivalist’s preparedness kit. I’ll be sharing more from Mountain House soon, including some exclusive deals for you. So stay tuned!

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