Be Prepared Must Haves Of The Week: LifeStraw, Lantern & Maglula

Be Prepared Must Haves Of The Week: LifeStraw, Lantern & Maglula

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Here are the ‘Be Prepared’ must haves for the week of 10/17/2016. I’ll never recommend anything that I have not used personally myself.



I’ve had the LifeStraw since 2012. I’ve even tried it out in a pond and did not get sick, shown here:


(that was me in 2013 when I owned the company “Zombie Response Team”, that’s the pond that I took the water from behind me)

I didn’t get sick after drinking that water and I owe it all to the LifeStraw! It’s lightweight, filters down to 0.2 microns and one of the greatest things about LifeStraw is that they are trying to bring clean water to everyone around the world, especially to those places that don’t have access to ANY clean water and need the LifeStraw to help filter their water to make it drinkable. This is an oldie, but a goodie. I have this straw in addition to my Survivor Filter straw. I’d highly suggest having this around for camping, hiking, bugging out, bugging in, prepping, survival, hunting and any other times in which you might need access to clean water!

Click on the pics above to learn more about it.


Divine LED Lights:


These are a recent purchase but I am really in love with them. They are fairly small, but they are BRIGHT! They’re collapsible, lightweight, portable and durable! It’s not solar, it does require 3 AA batteries. But this is a heck of a deal, because it comes with 2 of them for $12.99!

These would be great for camping, bugging in, bugging out, hunting and much more! Really great lanterns that I would highly recommend!

Click on the pic above to learn more about it.



Whether you’re a competitive shooter or just shoot for fun or defensive purposes, no matter what type of shooter you are, having this Maglula is a thumb saver!

I used to just load my magazines with my thumbs, like a chump. Until one day, I discovered the Maglula and I don’t know how I ever lived without it! The Maglula does all the work for you when it comes to loading magazines. It saves your fingers, saves time and saves stamina! Because let me tell ya, after loading a 15 round magazine for the 10th time in one day…you start to feel tired, your hands and arms start to shake and you just feel like you want to stop shooting!

But this Maglula really saves the day. I never load a magazine without it.

Click on the pic above to learn more about it.

That’s it for this week! Come back every Monday for the Be Prepared Must Haves of the Week!

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