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Prepper Video of the Week 12/18/17 – Children’s Bug Out Bag

My daughter isn’t old enough to carry her own bug out bag yet, but this video has offered a lot of great ideas! If you have a child and you want to create a bug […]

Prepping Tip of the Week 12/15/17 – Tools That Fit Your Skill Level

If you have tools that you don’t know how to use or don’t feel confident using, then they’re basically going to be useless to you during an emergency or disaster. A ‘tool’ doesn’t have to […]

Top 10 Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Preppers/Adventurers

Christmas isn’t all about gifts, but if you’re still looking for something nice for that special prepper/outdoorsman/adventurer in your life, there’s still time! Here are some ideas: 1. Mountain House – Mountain House is truly […]

Prepper Product of The Week 12/13/17 – Goal Zero Nomad Portable Solar Panel

If you’re looking for a portable solar panel to charge your devices on the go, especially for your bug out bag, I feel the Goal Zero Nomad is a great option. I’ve been using this […]

Prepper Video of the Week 12/11/17 – Budget Chest Seal [First Aid]

I’ve had my eye on chest seals to add to my first aid kits but they’re usually very expensive. This video from Bushcraft412 talks about where we can get these budget chest seals and even […]

Prepping Tip of the Week 12/8/17 – Lip Balm Fire Starter

Lip balm isn’t just good for chapped lips! It’s great as a fire starter as well. As long as the lip balm has petroleum or beeswax, it will be great to smear onto any tinder […]

Top 10 Emergency Household Supplies

Every home needs some basic things for emergencies and disasters. These are very basic suggestions and every household will vary, but these are just my top 10 ideas. There are many more tools/products that your […]

Prepper Product of The Week 12/6/17 – Durable Rain Poncho

I have learned that carrying around those $1 poncho’s that rip easily and are a pain to work with are just not going to cut it when I need protection from the rain. I have […]

How to Study and Pass the HAM Technician License Test

Recently we finally hunkered down, studied really hard and passed our HAM technician license test. I’ve been wanting my HAM license for over a decade. When I was first looking into getting it, they were […]

Prepper Video of the Week 12/4/17 – Water Purification for Beginners

I love how Ethical Preparedness spells it out exactly how it is. This is a great video that talks about water purification for the complete beginner. Watch the video to learn more: Subscribe to my […]