I Hate Trail Mix – I can’t be the only one!

I Hate Trail Mix – I can’t be the only one!
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I have bought so much trail mix over the years, knowing that it’s a good source of a quick bite to eat while hiking or camping or for my BOB. It’s been shoved down my throat by so many people that “TRAIL MIX IS SO GOOD FOR YOU. YOU MUST EAT IT. OMG SO GOOD. THE BEST THING EVAR.”

Lots of people also say it’s a great source of energy, but did you know that ANY food is a great source of energy? I don’t see any different between eating trail mix and eating a SPAM single to give me that boost of energy.

Sure, trail mix is technically healthier than SPAM, no doubt about that. But my point is, FOOD in general is a great source of energy.

After I buy trail mix and try to eat it, I just…I can’t do it. I hate it. I have a couple hand fulls and I’m over it.

I have tried and tried and tried to like trail mix…even buying the ones with chocolate in it or some others with a wider variety of stuff, like fruits. But without fail, I just hate it.

I can’t pinpoint why I hate trail mix. Maybe it stems from my childhood where my mom would force us to eat trail mix as snacks for every hike, camp, road trip adventure. Maybe I just got burnt out and I can no longer stomach it in my adulthood.

Sure, in an emergency or disaster, I’ll be sure to eat it if I stumble across it. I’ll eat anything in a survival situation!

But to prep it? To store it? To pack it in my BOB/camping/hiking bag? I won’t.

For too long have I tried to pretend to like trail mix simply because the masses have told me to like it. And for too long have bags of trail mix gone bad because we don’t consume it.

I can’t be the only one who hates trail mix.

I’m also curious, why do you like trail mix so much?

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