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I Hate Trail Mix – I can’t be the only one!

I have bought so much trail mix over the years, knowing that it’s a good source of a quick bite to eat while hiking or camping or for my BOB. It’s been shoved down my throat by so many people that “TRAIL MIX IS SO GOOD FOR YOU. YOU MUST EAT IT. OMG SO GOOD….

Do you feel too comfortable in your prepping/survival skills?

I was watching an episode of Dual Survival and Cody made a good point. He talked about how he may have all the skills on how to make a fire, but just because he has those skills, he shouldn’t rest on his laurels. Sometimes, even when he does everything right to make a fire, it…

We All Gotta Start Somewhere

Whether it’s a new skill, trade, hobby or career; we all have to start somewhere. We didn’t come into this world automatically knowing everything about everything. So when I see a picture of someone who is shooting a gun incorrectly, I feel the desire to help them, not criticize. But sometimes I also keep my…