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We’re all prepping for something different [Podcast]

In today’s podcast, I talk about how we’re all prepping for different things and there’s nothing wrong with the way anyone preps. If they don’t want to have a bug out bag or 20 years […]

Prepping Tip of the Week 1/12/18 – When was the last time you inventoried your BOB?

I have a reminder set in my phone to inventory my bug out bag every 3 months. I could probably push it to 6 months, but those 3 months really sneaks up on you fast! […]

Overwhelmed? 5 Ways To Take Action and Get Prepared NOW

There is so much information about preparedness online and while it may be all free, it’s also overwhelming. Your time isn’t free. In fact, your time is extremely valuable. I want to help you get […]

Prepper Product of The Week 1/10/18 – Minimalist Kydex Wallet

I’ve been using this minimalist Kydex Wallet for years now. It’s made of a hard material called Kydex. I’ve dropped it numerous times and it will not break! I can carry anywhere between 8-10 cards. […]

Prepper Video of the Week 1/8/18 – Cold vs Flu: What’s the difference?

It’s the cold and flu season! Here’s a great video about how you can tell the difference between a cold and a flu.

Prepping Tip of the Week 1/5/18 – Setting Reminders to Get Prepared

There are a lot of ways for people to remind themselves to get prepared. Maybe they need a visual cue on a sticky note stuck to their bathroom mirror. Maybe they need an accountability partner. […]

Prepping Tip of the Week 12/22/17 – Freeze Water for Emergencies

This is a classic tip and one that should be repeated as often as possible. Do you keep bags or jugs of frozen water in your freezer(s)? Here’s why you should: They keep your freezer […]

5 Tips to Store Fuel For Emergencies

During the “great gas shortage of 2017” after Hurricane Harvey hit here in Texas, we experienced mass chaos that caused a fake gas shortage. The news reported that there would be a slow down in […]

Prepper Product of The Week 12/20/17 – Anti Corrosion Parts & Ammo Bags

I recently picked up some of these anti-corrosion bags for my ammo. These are great bags for your bug out bag, everyday carry, get home bag, if you happen to keep ammo in your car, […]

What The Homeless Can Teach Us About Preparedness [Rogue Preparedness Podcast]

I just started a podcast! I’m starting it out with a bang by talking about some prepping tips that we can learn from the homeless. Whether they’ve chosen to be homeless or whether they’ve run […]