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Howdy! My name is Morgan!

I’ve lived in Texas for about 8 years. Before, TX, I lived in NY, NV and OR and I’ve traveled quite a bit. I was born in Oregon and lived there until I was in my mid-20s when I just needed to get out of there and explore life. I’m a gypsy at heart; love to travel, take road trips, meet new people, experience new things, see great scenery, etc.

I am married and am currently pregnant with our first child. We also have two rescue pups; a beagle mix and brazilian terrier.

I love:

Running/jogging/lazy running

Really enjoy boxing

Being prepared for emergencies and disasters is a passion

Getting involved in shooting competitions

Hunting when we can

Camping is bliss

Fishing is tedious but fun

Enjoy finding new hiking spots or going back to old hiking spots

Archery – Have been slinging arrows for 12 years and just getting started in 3-D archery competitions

In summation, I love all things outdoors.

I’m a ProStaff member of Hips Archery Targets.

I run a YouTube channel where I talk about fitness, archery, hunting, fishing, firearms, food, being prepared and getting outside.

Writing is also my passion and I’m in the process of writing a few eBooks and books about a whole bunch of things.

I’d love to get to know YOU better and to share your journey with me. I love helping people and in turn, I love to learn new things and go on as many adventures as I can.

Click here to contact me at any time for any reason.

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